Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner’s Reunion: A Surprising Twist in the ‘Speak Now’ Music Video

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Swift surprised fans at her Kansas City Eras Tour performance by bringing her ex-boyfriend and close friend Taylor Lautner onstage to celebrate his role in her latest music video, “I Can See You.”

Taylor Swift – I Can See You Official Music Video

The duo was joined by Joey King and Presley Cash, who also appeared in Swift’s “Mean” music video in 2011 and make an appearance in the new video alongside Lautner. Swift expressed how influential Taylor Lautner was during the making of her “Speak Now” album and credited him for performing all the stunts in the music video. She highlighted their friendship, mentioning the coincidence of sharing the same first name. The new video showcases Lautner, King, and Presley embarking on a mission to retrieve a special version of Swift herself, symbolizing her reclaiming ownership of her album following the controversial sale of her masters.

Taylor Lautner also had kind words for Swift, praising her as a human being, as well as her skills as a musician and an artist. On Twitter, Swift extended her appreciation to Lautner for his presence on set, dubbing it “The Tale of 3 Taylors” in reference to Lautner’s wife, Taylor Dome.

Taylor and Taylor first met when they worked together on the film “Valentine’s Day.” They are said to have had a brief romance in the last months of 2009, but they broke up in December. Swift’s song “Back to December” from her “Speak Now” album sparked speculation among fans that it was about her relationship with Lautner. Swift later clarified that the song served as an apology, acknowledging the importance of making amends when unintentionally hurting others. She expressed comfort in singing about personal details and relationships in her music but admitted feeling shy when directly questioned about her dating life.

In 2023, Swift and Lautner maintain a harmonious relationship. Taylor Lautner has voiced his support for Swift’s album and expressed no issues with being referenced in her songs. He even mentioned John Mayer, another ex of Swift’s, and extended well wishes to him. Swift, in turn, requested her fans not to engage in online trolling directed at individuals speculated to be subjects of her re-released songs.

Adding a unique twist to the story, Lautner’s wife, Taylor Dome, is an avid fan of Swift. During a podcast appearance, Dome revealed her admiration for Swift, mentioning attending one of her earliest concerts and considering the “Speak Now” album one of the best of all time due to its incredible lyrics.

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