Entire Bengaluru bandh on September 26: What’s open, what’s closed?

Bengaluru bandh

BENGALURU BANDH: Leaders of the protesting organizations have clarified that there will be a complete bandh in the city and all business establishments, schools, colleges and transport services will be closed with few exceptions.

Bengaluru: Farmers’ organizations, many pro-Kannada organizations and opposition parties are going to observe a complete ‘Bangalore Bandh’ on September 26 against the release of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu. While the Karnataka government is yet to respond to the bandh call, leaders have clarified that it will be a “complete shutdown” of the city and all business establishments, schools, colleges and transport services will remain closed with few exceptions. This has left Bengaluru residents wondering what will be open and what will be closed during the strike.

What is open?
Hospitals, nursing homes, medical shops and emergency services, government offices, our metro services will operate on Tuesday in Bengaluru bandh.

What is closed?
All shops, commercial establishments, industries, app-based taxis and bike services, autorickshaws, street vendors, hotels and restaurants, theatres, malls and multiplexes, goods vehicles.

Is the school closed on Bengaluru Bandh?

The Karnataka Associated Management of Primary and Secondary Schools (KAMS) has given moral support to the strike and said it will take a decision on declaring a holiday for schools on Monday. The Karnataka State Travel Operators Association has also expressed support for the bandh call.

Pro-farmer leaders, pro-Kannada organizations and several political parties led by the Karnataka Water Protection Committee (KJSS) held a meeting at Freedom Park on Saturday and collectively decided to observe bandh on September 26.

Additionally, the pro-Kannada organizations under the leadership of Vatal Nagaraj are also going to hold a meeting on Monday (September 25) and take a decision on the ‘Karnataka Bandh’. President of Sugarcane Growers’ Union Kuruburu Shanthakumar, who has called for a bandh, has sought support and cooperation from various sectors, industry bodies and other associations.

More than 100 organizations have expressed their solidarity with the protesting organizations by showing their support for the Bengaluru bandh on Tuesday. This is not our bandh, this is a complete bandh called by the citizens of Bangalore because their share of drinking water is being given to Tamil Nadu as well. We seek cooperation from IT sector, banking sector, commerce and business organizations. Shanthakumar told The Times of India that “industries, schools-colleges, transport bodies should make this bandh a success and send a strong message to the state and central governments”.

Opposition parties including BJP, AAP, JDS have expressed their support for the bandh.

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