Do you take Digene Gel? Read the warnings issued by Govt

Digene Gel

Digene Gel is an over-the-counter antacid medicine that provides relief from symptoms of acidity, heartburn, and indigestion. This type of antacid is taken by mouth and works by neutralizing excess stomach acid, which causes discomfort and inflammation in the chest and throat. Read the new government warning issued on Djinn prison.

People often take Digene gel, a well-known antacid, without giving it much thought. People do not hesitate to take a spoonful or two of this medicine when they have a slight chest pain.

But there are warnings from the government about this popular medicine.

Batches of Digene Gel have been recalled by its parent company Abbott India. The decision follows an alert issued by the drug regulatory body DCGI after receiving complaints of bad taste and smell.

The typical color of Digene is pink and it tastes sweet. While the Digene bottle in question was white in color, it had a bitter and pungent smell.

“Patients must discontinue the Digene gel manufactured at the Goa facility,” the DGCI said in the alert. The government warned, “This product is harmful and its consumption may cause negative effects.

Abbott India has willingly taken back Digene Gel Antacid made at our Goa location because of some consumer grievances about flavour and odour. There were no reports of patient health concerns. Other forms of Digene such as tablets and stick packs will not be affected and our other production site of Digene gel will not be affected and will be available in sufficient quantities to meet current demand,’ the Mint said in a statement to an Abbott spokesperson Quoted.

All batches of Digene Gel in all flavors – mint, orange and mixed fruit flavors, which have shelf life and are manufactured in Goa facility, should not be consumed.

“The warning says that doctors and medical experts should advise and instruct their patients to discontinue using this product and to notify any adverse drug reactions that may occur because of its consumption. Any suspected cases of adverse events related to the product should be reported immediately.” alert reads.

Digene is used to relieve acidity. People take Digene for heartburn, stomach ache and gas.

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