Bhola Shankar Review: How is Chiranjeevi’s New Film?

Bhola Shankar Reviews: What about Bhola Shankar directed by Meher Ramesh starring Chiranjeevi?

Bhola Shankar

Bhola Shankar review: Film: Bhola Shankar; Cast: Chiranjeevi, Keerthy Suresh, Tamannaah, Sushant, Tarun Arora, Murali Sharma, Shayaji Shinde, Ravi Shankar, Vennela Kishore, Sreemukhi and others; Music: Mahati Swar Sagar; Editing: Martand K. Venkatesh; Cinematography: Dudley; Producer: Ramabrahm Sunkara, KS Rama Rao; Writers: Shiva, Adi Narayan; Screenplay, Direction: Meher Ramesh; Release Date: 11-08-2023

Chiranjeevi is currently doing films with young heroes. On this year’s Sankranti, he once again showed his tremendous power with ‘Walther Veeraya’ and achieved great success at the box office. Now he has come in front of the audience as ‘Bhola Shankar’. Meher Ramesh has adapted the Tamil blockbuster ‘Vedalam’ as his own version. And what changes have been made in it compared to the Matrix? Did Chiranjeevi’s sister’s sentiment work?

Bhola Shankar Synopsis

Shankar (Chiranjeevi) reaches Calcutta with his sister Mahalakshmi (Kirtisuresh). After getting his younger sister enrolled in college for education, he starts his life as a taxi driver. Sreekar (Sushant) falls in love with Mahalakshmi. While trying to get them married, Shankar starts killing each of Alexander’s (Tarun Arora) brothers who are involved in human trafficking.

Sreekar’s sister, criminal lawyer Lasya (Tamanna) sees the case through her own eyes. what happened after that? (Bhola Shankar Review) What enmity did Shankar have with the human trafficking gang? What is the past of the real Shankar? Did Maha and Sreekar’s Jodi get married? Or to know other things you will have to watch the movie.

How it is: It’s been almost eight years since Ajith’s ‘Vedalam’ hit the Tamil screens. If you take such an old story and stage it in even older ways, it is like ‘Bhola Shankar’. (Bhola Shankar Review) The remake is a familiar story for many movie lovers. If such a story…is shown without adding anything new in terms of story, emotions, heroism and without creating anything new, you can imagine what kind of experience it will give to the audience.

The film opens with the scenes of a gang that does human trafficking… The first part of the story is set in the city of Calcutta. Chiranjeevi as a taxi driver – Vennela Kishore as the owner of a taxi company tries to cultivate comedy with the middle track but fails miserably. The interactions between Tamannaah and Chiranjeevi as lawyer Lasya have no connection with each other. One after the other, fight scenes and songs keep coming.

But, they do not have any effect on the audience. None of the scenes have any realism in them. Even if there is a twist in the interval, those scenes do not show any effect due to the boring drama going on till then. But after the start of the second half, there will be some relief as compared to the first half.

The way Chiranjeevi appears as a gangster in the flashback, the humor created by him in his own style is pleasing at places. Some of Chiranjeevi’s scenes with Srimukhi, Muralisharma, Getup Srinu, Taghubothu Ramesh, Bithiri Satthi and other gangs in Keerthi’s house are funny. But Pawan Kalyan’s acting, especially the ‘Khushi’ scenes with Sreemukhi fail to make people laugh. (Bhola Shankar Review) Chiranjeevi should avoid such experiments in the future. The only thing worth mentioning in this film is that he looks stylish and smart.

When the bond between sisters and women is key to a story of women’s trafficking, there have to be strong emotions in the background. There is not a single heartwarming scene in that setting, but no dialogues, despite having a star like Chiranjeevi as the protagonist. The views of the flag are also beyond imagination. This is Meher Ramesh’s film after almost ten years. (Bhola Shankar IMDB Review) This film makes it clear that despite having enough time, there was no innovation in terms of writing and production.

Chiranjeevi appeared on the screen with his mass sign. He made sure that there was no dearth of songs and fight moments from his side. Chiranjeevi said here and there in the second half that if there is a good scene then how would be his timing. But that strength is not only in writing. Keerthysuresh got the lead role as Chiranjeevi’s younger sister. Because of his character, there are feelings here and there. Barring the songs for the lawyer-like Tamanna, the role doesn’t matter much.

The first part of the film fails to make the audience laugh, even with the presence of Vennela Kishore, Raghubabu and other comedians. The comedy gang like Getup Srinu, Thagubothu Ramesh, Satya and others look a bit jumbled up. Tarun Arora and Shawar Ali play the roles of the main antagonists. The cinematography by Dudley is impressive in the technical aspect. Mehti Swarsagar’s songs and background music are at such a level that it doesn’t matter. The writing of the film is weak. The story and stories are beyond imagination. Mehar Ramesh could not show any innovation in making. There is no flaw in the construction.

Note: This review is from the perspective of the reviewer. This is reviewer’s personal opinion only!

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